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Welcome to Sussex Oil Tanks, specialists in oil fired boiler services, Aga installation and maintenance in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and surrounding areas. We provide the complete oil tank installation, maintenance, replacement and removal service at the best prices. With over 15 years experience we serve both domestic and commercial customers, and operate to the highest standards at all times.

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  • All our tanks comply with the latest safety legislations
Titan Environmental Oil Storage Product Brochure:

Domestic and Commercial Oil Tanks

Titan EcoSafe – The complete, totally bunded oil storage system

EcoSafe tanks represent the most advanced range of integrally bunded oil storage systems available within the EU. Designed to exceed all current oil storage regulations for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties where bunded tanks are now compulsory, the EcoSafe range is popular amongst domestic users for its safe and environmental features.

EcoSafe tanks are available from 1000 to 5000 litre capacities and are fitted with the Watchman Plus complete pro-active fuel monitoring system to monitor oil levels within the tank and act as a bund safety sensor.

Fitted with the SpillStop overfill protective system, EcoSafe is one of the most advanced and secure range of tanks on the market, meeting all legal requirements for bunded tanks within a 10-metre area of a water source. The intelligent EcoSafe range can be fitted with a top outlet, on request.

Talking Titan – Single skin tanks with remote sensor capability

Talking Titan tanks are specifically suited to domestic applications where bunding is not a legal requirement. Included with the Talking Titan is the ‘Tank Pack’: a Watchman transmitter and receiver, 5-year battery, lever valve with integral filter bowl, PTFE and Heldite compound to seal the joint.

The Watchman offers homeowners complete peace of mind and the reassurance that they will never run short of oil again. All Talking Titan tanks are compatible with the ‘FullStop’, reducing the risk of spillage during delivery.

Aga Cooker Installation and Servicing

We can supply, or supply and install Aga cookers.
Aga website: www.aga-rayburn.co.uk

Aga Servicing

As with many domestic appliances, an AGA requires routine servicing and maintenance to ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently. With a regular service your Aga cooker can last a lifetime, and it won’t let you down when you need it most.

An oil-fired AGA should be serviced at six monthly intervals. 3 oven and diesel models may extend to 12 months.

If your Aga cooker is in need of some attention, then we can help. When arranging a service maintenance visit, please ensure the AGA is turned off the night before, as a hot cooker cannot be safely serviced.

Oil Boiler Servicing

We carry out repairs and services to oil boilers. To keep an oil boiler running efficiently and cost effectively it needs a regular service. Routine maintenance on oil boilers includes inspecting and cleaning the main burner, cleaning out flues, checking feed pipe condition, and checking and replacing the thermo-couple if required.

Oil Boiler Servicing & Repair

We inspect, repair and service all makes and types of oil boiler, including Aga, Rayburn, Redfyre, Worcester, Eurocal, Trianco, Stanley.

Routine maintenance to your oil boiler is recommended and will ensure it runs safely and efficiently. It will also reduce running costs, saving you money on your heating bills. Each service takes approximately 1 hour.

What’s Involved:

  • We dismantle the boiler to gain full access
  • Remove, clean and inspect baffles
  • Clean and inspect the burner, and replace if required
  • Clean the flues
  • Check feed pipe condition
  • Check the condition of the photocell, and replace if required
  • Check condition of all seals and joints
  • Inspect electrical wiring for any damage
  • Ensure flame is burning correctly
  • We analyse the boiler after the service to make sure it is running as efficiently as possible

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